Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be... 

Find community through deeper studies and devotionals throughout the year with Pastor Joe and Amanda Henson and Guest Bloggers.

  • Most of us hide behind our perfectly filtered lives on social media- we are functional lepers. Break the cycle of wearing the mask and humble yourself to begin the healing in your own life. Read more here. 

  • Happiness is like an elusive butterfly. The more we chase it- the faster if slips through our fingers.  Solomon asked God for wisdom, yet walked in foolishness. Read more here. 

  • One letter can change the entire definition of a word.

    Will you let the circumstances of life make you bitter or better. Through the book of Ruth- we can see one woman's journey from bitter to better. 

  • God pours blessings out on us intentionally and never takes it back. However, when we don't tap into those blessings the enemy can use it for destruction. Read more about walking with God on mission in your blessings. 

  • The pain of holding onto our past and keep us from enjoying the blessings God has for us. Sometimes Goodbye is a gift. 

    Lessons from Ruth 1:1-18

  • Legacy isn’t measured by what you accomplish during your life span. Legacy is measured by the lives that are affected by your life long after the inheritance is gone.

  • To be rich without God is to be short-sighted in light of eternity.