grace Kids

At Grace Community, we believe kids are one of our greatest blessings to our community. We believe kids need to experience God through Christian community and age-appropriate lessons and activities, and sometimes that involves play-doh and glue sticks. 

Each Sunday, our youngest community members gather in three classes - nursery, preschool, and Elementary. Parents can check their little ones in when they arrive. 

Philosophy & Leadership

At Grace Community, we believe the church is an important support to parents as they seek to raise godly kids. Parents can find resources and encouragement here. 

Nursery (Eight weeks-2 years)

Babies and toddlers should experience church as a safe and fun place where they are well cared for by loving adults. In the nursery, we sing songs, tell stories, and play!

Preschool (3-5 years)

Preschoolers absorb information like sponges. We want them to hear God’s story and know Jesus’ love. Our preschool curriculum journeys through God’s story each year. You can learn more about Preschool curriculum here.

Elementary (Kindergarten-5th Grade)

Kids are active and creative; growing and bursting with ideas. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God belongs to them. Kids will learn how each story in scripture connects to God’s big story, and ultimately points to Jesus. You can learn more about Elementary curriculum here.